Lil Reese sparked concern among fans two weeks ago after he was named among three men who were shot in Chicago. Authorities responded to calls of gunfire around 10 am on Saturday, May 15th. When officers arrived at the scene, they discovered Reese and two other men wounded. 

Reese was listed as being in "fair" condition at the time of the incident, although a graphic video showing the rapper barely conscious later floated around the internet. In some of the first footage of the rapper post-shooting, he appears to be in superb condition following the scary incident. 

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

In the newly surfaced video, Reese appears to have made a very speedy recovery. He sits comfortably in a chair as he flexes his diamond-encrusted ice. A person unfamiliar with the situation would not be able to guess less than two weeks ago he suffered from a gunshot wound. "His opps punching the air somewhere rn," joked one fan.  

Others joked that Reese has kissed death so many times, at this point he must be immortal. While immortality may not be viable, he certainly is one lucky man. As we reported, the bullet reportedly grazed his eye

Prayers up he doesn't run into any more trouble soon after the close call.