Tekashi 6ix9ine had several longstanding feuds before he was arrested in November 2018. However, with the protection of his former gang, he was able to afford telling people all over the country to suck his d*ck without facing any sort of real repercussions. His feuds weren't just with rappers, though; sometimes it would be whole cities. 

His feud with Chief Keef and Chicago was highly publicized and even became a feud that led to some charges. He began feuding with a large number of rappers out there including Chief Keef's affiliate Lil Reese. While 6ix9ine managed to make his way in and out of Chicago swiftly without being touched, Lil Reese was on the prowl looking for him.

As time went on, neither of them actually agreed to make peace but it appears as though Lil Reese is getting the last laugh now that 6ix9ine took the stand. 

"Next thing Tekashi 6ix9ine finna be like, 'Reesey with Chief Keef. He with BD and Lamron and 'em. Can't forget them!'" Reese said on Instagram.

Yesterday, Tekashi 6ix9ine took the stand where he testified that he put money on Chief Keef's head which resulted in the Times Square W Hotel shooting in 2018. Chief Keef's in his own world so it's unsure if he even heard about 6ix9ine's testimony but given how it's been the talk of the town, it seems impossible for him to have avoided.