Lil Pump was going through it this week, reflecting on the one-year anniversary of his friend XXXTentacion's death. He posted a video of himself breaking down in tears while listening to the Floridian's music, making a few comments afterwards that rubbed people the wrong way. Tupac is a rap legend and anytime his name gets brought up in conversations where he's compared to younger rappers, there's bound to be some controversy. After one full year had passed without XXXTentacion, Lil Pump made the bold declaration that X is "this generation's Tupac." As you would expect, fans of both artists were not entirely fond of the statement.

During his time on Earth, XXXTentacion actually declared that he was "better" than Tupac because the legend could not expand into the world of rock music. Lil Pump thinks that his impact has been just as great, if not greater than Pac, telling his followers that the late artist is the Tupac of this generation. Some fans agreed while the majority of folks who watched the clip argued that his comparison is unwarranted. HNHH commenter Demetrius Evans made a good point in saying that, in order to make that comparison, Pump would have needed to experience both their careers. "The only thing that's similar is they both died young," wrote Evans. Another commenter, KGirt, suggested that Lil Pump might still be using drugs after the shocking claim.

Lil Pump is surely one of the most divisive young artists out there and this will not help to win him points with a more seasoned crowd of hip hop heads. What do you think of his XXX/Pac comparison?