Lil Pump had a few run-ins with the law in 2018 but the most notable one was his confrontation with airport authorities. Back in December, the rapper was arrested at a Miami airport after a baggage handler claimed the bag smelled like weed. They claimed that it belonged to Pump who denied that the bag was his. He was telling the truth but that conclusion came only after he got into a heated confrontation with Miami police Earlier today, a new video emerged online showing more footage of the rapper and his manager getting into it with authorities.

Real World Police posted new footage of Pump's confrontation with police. The two were charged with disorderly conduct due to their defiance against claiming the bag. However, those charges were later dropped after body cam footage revealed the authorities tried to pin the alleged weed-reeking bag on Lil Pump. The body cam footage also led to an international investigation within the Miami Police department. 

"It's your bag now!" The officer's heard saying to Pump.

The five-minute clip reveals that they told Pump's manager that he's free to go but end up arresting him because he stood around in order to defend Pump. They're also seen pressing Pump about his probation status as they arrest him.

After the footage was released earlier this year, Lil Pump said that he has plans to sue the arresting officer