Say what you will about Lil Pump's general aloofness, but the Harverd Dropout is sticking to his story to the bitter end. While you might not see his name in the annals of the University's record books, Pump is keen on squaring up with an actual Harvard audience on school grounds, in a Balls to the Wall clash of learning styles. I wish I were kidding..

Tabatha Fireman/Getty Images

Facebook lists the event as "Lil Pump: Harvard x Harverd Activation," set for the afternoon of the 28th, which so happens to be tomorrow. While Pump's early claims revolved around him giving a commencement speech for Harvard's graduating class, we have since been told, no such plans existed, especially not the expense of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as Pump's team initially reported.

Instead,  "Lil Pump: Harvard x Harverd Activation" figures to be nothing more than a speaking engagement on Harvard college radio, but in order to stick out amidst a frenzied media cycle, Pump and his team decided to partake in a little roleplay-embellishment to enrich the brand.

"The only thing we are aware of that he is doing a live interview with WHRB Harvard Radio this Thursday and is taking questions from audience/listeners," a rep for WHRB told the media. "That, though, is a Harvard Radio student event, not a Harvard University event."

The Harvard theme has long been associated with the Lil Pump brand mythology, so it's easy to see why they opted to further the narrative, even at the risk of putting the Harvard graduating class in the throes of a panic attack.