The rapper you love to hate is back, doing what he does best - causing a ruckus. Recently, the controversial yet beloved Lil Pump released the video for his breakout single "Gucci Gang," which currently sits at over two-hundred-and-forty-seven million views. Considering the fact that it dropped in late October, it's safe to say that Pump's infectious song has resonated with a wide variety of people. And while some are incapable of boarding the hype train, many have simply resigned themselves to give in to the Lil Pump movement. If you're one of the millions who has seen the video, you might know that it takes place inside a school. That school is the Blessed Sacrament School, which is evidently extremely Catholic. 

TMZ reports that the school is in hot water with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, after the school allowed Lil Pump to film himself smoking blunts, sipping lean, and smacking teachers with bags of kush. Apparently, the school never informed the higher-ups about the explicit nature of Pump's video; in fact, a spokesperson for the Archdiocese told TMZ that Blessed Sacrament neglected to follow the correct protocols and procedures, which are apparently extremely strict. The Archdiocese had no idea that Pump was about to indulge in some straight up wild behavior, and it would appear that they may very well be pursuing further action against the school. 

At the end of the day, Lil Pump has managed to once again defy authority. Even the Catholics can't save themselves from his path of destruction. If you're one of those Pump fans, the rapper seems poised for a big year in 2018. He's already planning on dropping a collaboration tape with Lil Yachty, which is due out in the New Year.