As reported in December, Lil Pump was kicked off a flight to Europe, out of his native Miami, after TSA agents allegedly found drugs in his luggage. The incident was but the first of many legal setbacks he suffered in the next month, before returning to home soil with a spotty record.

Several months later, TMZ has obtained body cam footage of the drug bust. As you can see (above) Pump grows frustrated with a TSA agent who refuses to believe his pleas. Watch as the "SoundCloud" originator tries in vain to convince the agent that his personal luggage is somewhere off in the depths of the airplane's cargo dept. - the bag smelling of weed does not belong to him, or anyone in his coterie (so he says).

Incidentally, the TSA agent takes his refusal of the bag, as an act of defiance, inciting yet another level of intensity in their argument. According to TMZ, Lil Pump was indeed telling the truth. The 18-year-old was in fact NOT holding any drugs on his person, much less a cannabinoid product falling within State regulations - which would have resulted in a ton of questioning and confiscated property at the very worst. It's pretty hard not to side with Pump on this one.