In the past, Lil Pump has been known to be a bit of a frequent lean drinker. The liquid drug has consumed the lives of many rappers and Lil Pump is well aware of its ill effects. Despite saying numerous times that he wants to quit or, in fact, is going to quit, we still end up seeing him next to the drug. This time around though, it seems like Pump had a more creative use for the narcotic as he used it as a prop in his bottle cap challenge video. 

The bottle cap challenge is kind of a dead fad at this point but Pump is only getting around to it now and to be honest, we don't think he cares that much about timeliness. Just like every bottle cap challenge video, Lil Pump can be seen in a ready position, swinging his leg so that he can knock the cap off without damaging the actual bottle.

As you can see from the video, Lil Pump actually does it with ease which is kind of surprising if we're being honest. Who knew the "Gucci Gang" rapper had such precision in the art of knocking caps off of bottles?

Just like a great philosopher once said "ESSKEETIT."