For all of the negative press that Lil Pump gets on a regular basis in the hip-hop world, you can't fault the man's hustle. It seems like the more he finds himself on the receiving end of some derision, the more money he's able to make. If you're wondering what he's dropping all his cash on these days, one of those things is probably not courses to become a hairdresser, as witnessed by his questionable eyebrow trimming technique that he was about to lay on none other than Post Malone.

In a new video that has been making the rounds on social media this morning (September 10th), the young Florida rapper puts on his best barber hat and is moments away from helping Post Malone out with a little eyebrow trim. The only problem is that he's coming at it all wrong - positioning his hands to cut those unruly hairs in an up-down parallel motion and, as Malone points out, that approach could very well result in Pump shaving the "Congratulations" rapper's entire brow off, which is not the most desirable outcome in this situation. It's a wonder that Malone even lets Pump near the trimmer at all, with no comb or anything to get a precise trim going on. Thankfully, it looks like Post Malone avoided a potentially disastrous situation when it comes to Lil Pump's barber skills.

What the Sunshine State emcee lacks in grooming technique, he makes up for in his taste of cars. Later on in the social media video, the rapper is filmed behind the wheel of a white Lamborghini, an incredible-looking piece of automotive design that served as the party vehicle for Pump and his Gucci Gang last night. Let's hope he doesn't have the bad luck that he did last time when he was behind the wheel of an expensive whip - a purchase that ended in him crashing that car hours after he drove it off the lot. You can check out our list of that and Pump's other most reckless moments here.