Lil Pump is continuing to make it clear that he believes the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is a complete hoax. A sucker for making headlines based on outrageous antics, the rapper is commanding attention again for refusing to wear a mask at the airport just days after he refused to wear one at the airport on Monday (December 28th), and was subsequently banned from JetBlue airlines. 

In new footage of the rapper arriving at LAX Tuesday night getting ready to catch another flight, it's quite obvious the "Gucci Gang" rapper has not learned his lesson. Photographers caught the rapper hop out of his van, with no mask on of course, even as cases in Los Angeles surge. When asked if he plans to go maskless once again, Pump straight up says he does not think COVID-19 is a real thing, pulling a cover over his face only slightly as he walked through the airport. He is flying Delta this time instead, so at least one thing has changed for the stubborn rapper, forcefully or not.    

In case you missed Pump's rant against JetBlue after he was banned from the airline for refusing to wear a mask on board a flight to California, even as he was sneezing and coughing into a blanket, check it out below. Authorities were apparently ready as soon as the plane touched down in the City of Angels to arrest the rapper for refusing to comply, but he did eventually follow the rules in order to not face prosecution.