Three of the biggest names in the game right now are Lil Pump, Smokepurpp and BlocBoy JB. Two of them love to run their mouths as Pump and Purpp always have something to say. From their J. Cole slander to the constant "Esskeetit" yelps, they are never quiet. BlocBoy has proven himself to be more reserved as he does not engage much in social media banter, choosing to let his music do most of the talking. As one of the latest artists to get the Drake co-sign, BlocBoy is definitely making moves. Dropping their joint cypher earlier today, XXL just published a round-table interview between the three of them and some pretty bold claims are made.

While it may sound blasphemous for Smokepurpp to even say that the three of them changed hip-hop, we may have to suck it up and admit that they're right. The three are pioneers of the SoundCloud takeover, bringing a lo-fi aesthetic to a genre run by lyricism and flow. While they aren't alone in having "changed hip-hop," Pump, Purpp, and BlocBoy are looked at as some of the frontrunners in a newer generation of rappers that concentrate more on melody and catchiness than lyrics. 

Regardless of whether or not they changed the game and made it better or worse, that's an opinion that you can formulate yourself as everybody shares a different musical taste. However, there's no denying that they've each made an impact on music.