Last week, comedian Dina Hashem made an enemy of the entire hip-hop world with one ill-planned "joke." During a set, Hashem brought up the murder of XXXTentacion, ultimately spinning his death into a punchline of sorts. "He was shot, he was on his way to buy a car with $50K in cash and somebody shot him and took the money," she said, during her performance. "Which is very tragic but I think also it would be a very good Venmo commercial. That's the first thing I thought when I heard that."

It didn't take long for many in XXXTentacion's friends and admirer's circle to clap back at Hashem, with many slamming her tasteless decision. Many, like XXXTentacion fan Juice WRLDused the opportunity to clap back at Hashem, dubbing her the "spoiled milk" of comedy. Lil Pump followed the example, using his platform to send a few shots in Hashem's general direction. "Fuck that comedian bitch that was making fun of X," writes Pump, via Instagram. "Bitch u shaped like a hunny bun." 

As of now, Hashem has made her Twitter page private, having since apologized for the joke. "I wasn’t trying to hurt anyone’s feelings, that’s never what I want," she said. "I’m a comic and use jokes to try and make dark topics less painful but I realize not everyone feels that way, and don’t want anyone to feel badly. It was taken down and won’t air on TV.” It feels as if she didn't anticipate the backlash to disrespecting such a beloved artist, who happens to possess one of the game's most dedicated fanbases. Do you agree with Comedy Central's decision to pull the joke from TV?