Although North America is beginning to see the harsh impact of Coronavirus right now, Italy's currently in a far worse situation. The government has called for emergency measures including travel and going out in general. "No more nightlife; we can't allow this anymore since they are occasions for contagion," Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Despite Italians being on a serious lockdown right now, the power of community is shining through certain neighborhoods. Earlier today, Lil Pump shared a video of what appeared to be a neighborhood in Italy where people were  standing on their balcony having a sing-a-long to his hit single, "Gucci Gang." 

"Italy is on lockdown & they’re singing Gucci gang I saved the rap game," he wrote on Instagram. The thing is -- and we hate to break it to you, Pump -- this video was actually from a viral clip a few days back where people were singing the Macarena. It's unclear if Pump got the memo or not but he still used his platform to share some sound advice during these troubling times. "Plz wash your handz & be careful everyone," he added in the Instagram post. We can only hope Lil Pump is taking his own advice.