Lil Pump certainly knows how to keep his name in the headlines. The 18-year-old rapper recently announced that he would be giving the commencement speech at Harvard University's 2019 graduation ceremony. However, it's been confirmed that the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, has already been bestowed the honor. Almost two years ago Lil Pump tweeted that he "REALLY DID DROP OUT OF HARVARD TO SAVE THE RAP GAME," but the truth is that Lil Pump, real name Gazzy Garcia, was expelled from high school in the tenth grade, never to return. His most recent effort, Harverd Dropout, was released last week and continues in on the college-themed controversy. 

The rapper's Instagram is a photo collection of bling, parties, famous friends, and all around high jinks. Lil Pump recently shared a photo with his near-18 million fans of himself wearing a pink wig with his tongue out while throwing up the peace sign. No, it's not his new look; he said that one of his many admirers left it behind after a, *ahem*, visit. "DIS RANDOM THOT LEFT A WIG AT MA HOUSE DM ME IF ITS URS," he wrote.

Lil Pump may seem like a wild child, but Diablo, the producer who worked on three Harverd Dropout records with him, told Complex that the teen rap sensation is all about the grind when it comes to making music. "The most unusual [place we recorded] is definitely the garage while he was on house arrest. Other places? Just random Airbnbs around America. I recorded him in the tour bus while the tour bus is moving. That was really hectic when it came down to mixing the vocals. My favorite place is my first apartment. That's actually where we made “Boss.” That just went platinum, which is pretty cool, just to think that we made that hit in my bedroom."