In between getting into altercations at shopping malls, Lil Pump is a rapper who has developed quite a following. With nearly 1.5 million followers on just Instagram and Twitter combined, he has a very wide reach when it comes to an audience he caters. His upcoming mixtape has also been the subject of much advance buzz, with speculation as to the kind of sound he'll provide throughout the project changing from day to day. For fans who have waited a while for Pump's new material, you might not have to wait much longer.

The rapper previously tweeted that his new tape would be dropping at some point this month, but a new follow-up message seems to have accelerated whatever release schedule he originally had in mind.

Lil Pump has not offered up any more details as to when this project will actually arrive, and based on his track record with online releases, there's no telling what "sooner" means in his world. His most recent music video saw a few days worth of delay before it was made available online, so as optimistic as some might want to be, there's just no way of telling. Let us know if you're excited for Pump's upcoming tape in the comments!