Lil Pump's had an incredible rise to fame but he's also had some trouble with the law due to his juvenile antics. However, reports have surfaced that say the rapper was arrested last night after allegedly firing a gun in his home while on his own.

TMZ reports that Lil Pump was arrested last night after he fired a gun in his home. However, what caused him to shoot his gun is still being disputed. According to the report, Pump's manager reported to police that three men were trying to break into the rappers house in San Fernando Valley around 4 p.m. One of the suspects allegedly fired a gun through the door. Pump's manager wasn't at the rapper's house but ended up reporting it to police.

However, after police went to his house after the crime was reported, they believed the story didn't match the evidence. After getting a search warrant, police said that the bullet holes looked like they came from the inside. They later found a gun in the bushes underneath the balcony of Pump's place and said the "Gucci Gang" rapper was smoking weed.

Cops believe that Pump actually unloaded the weapon and not the intruder. They arrested him for discharging a weapon in an inhabited place.

Pump's mother wasn't home at the time of this incident but is now under investigation for endangering a minor and having a unsecured gun inside their house after they found marijuana inside of the house.

Pump is now held inside of a juvenile detention hall but his team is still saying that there were three men trying to break in. They claim Pump only fired to defend himself from his home being broken into. Pump reportedly also believes he hit one of the men trying to break in. However, his team will review surveillance cameras to prove that there were indeed intruders trying to break into his house. 

We'll update you on more information as it comes.