As reported, Lil Pump was being detained by Danish authorities in Copenhagen for holding an illegal substance which turned out to be marijuana. We've since learned that after spending a day in detainment, Lil Pump has been set free, on the condition he paid a fine costing somewhere between $700-800 American.

The night of his arrest (which led to the cancelation of his show) Pump decided to privy his fans to the situation. As you can see (below) the ever-so-contrarian Pump even flipped local police the bird on his way to containment cell - nothing out of character you might say.

Promoters in Copenhagen will have to cut their losses on the projected Lil Pump gig because his release is conditional: he is obliged him leave the country without a moment's hesitation. But that's but a minor setback to Pump in his Napoleonic conquest of Europe, as he will soon depart for Oslo where he plays this time tomorrow, where "weed" is no longer a criminal offense - but the farther you cut into the heartland... Pump will be in Miami for the holidays after completing the Euro leg, only to pop back in the new year with a tour of duty in Australia.