All hail the leader of the Gucci Gang.

Lil Pump, the latest Soundcloud rapper to break through the clutter of music's online streaming landscape and solidify himself as a must-watch emerging talent, has enjoyed some recent success since the release of his self-titled mixtape. The collection of songs, which includes the hit track "Gucci Gang," has been played hundreds of millions of times on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. This has translated into chart success, with the rapper's project going all the way to No. 2 on Billboard's R&B/Hip-Hop album chart. After moving 46,000 sales plus streaming units in its first week, some may have thought that Pump already reached his peak in terms of mass appeal in the rap world. Think again.

In a new video clip that the artist shared on his Instagram page, Lil Pump previewed a new track for his fans. Calling it "Designer" in the caption, the rapper also revealed that the song was produced by Zaytoven, the veteran trap impresario who has helped enhance the sound of many of hip-hop's biggest names. In that sense, just the fact that he and Pump have joined forces on a track is news enough, but the better news is that, based on what you can hear in the clip, the duo may have a hit on their hands. There's no release date that has been confirmed by Pump nor by any of his representatives, but if this new music gets rolled out sooner rather than later, the rapper could capitalize on his current status as one of the genre's hottest young guns.

The "Gucci Gang" beat was in the news this past week, but the story had nothing to do with Lil Pump. Boogie, the West Coast emcee who just signed with Shady Records, hit us with a dope freestyle over top of the instrumental during a visit to Power 106. "My weed man still got nix though, he forever saying that his phone tapped," he rapped. "Since pro club been tryin' to go pro, I'm in another league call it pro black, now it's four blacks in this hotbox, with these cold hearts we like four straps, finna go back to the other side you on borrowed time n***a hold that, the homies still got these Twitter quotes, I say your trippin really bro stop it, this the land of the fake woke bein' false gods get you know profit."