Florida bad boy trapper Lil Pump has been throwing shots at J. Cole on social media like it's a meme. This week, Jet Ski upped the ante when he previewed a J. Cole diss track online.

The Miami-Dade County emcee spits "Nigga Fuck J. Cole" repeatedly over a trap beat. "You is a bitch ass nigga, you is a ugly ass nigga," he adds while laughing and smoking a blunt. Since Pump started shouting "Fuck J. Cole," his obsession with the Dreamvillle front man has gained notoriety.

The underground 16-year-old "real ignorant" rapper has amassed a decent Soundcloud following and often collaborates with fellow South Florida native SmokePurpp. Though the rappers operate at opposite spectra of the rap game, it isn't clear what sparked Jet Ski's dislike for J. Cole.

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