Say what you will about Lil Pump and his flippant disregard of all things sacred, but his posting of consecutive distress signals on Instagram has brought about a whole new level of concern I never thought I had for the 18-year-rapper. The following messages posted on his Instagram Storyboard give off an impression that he's looking for a soft place to land emotionally.

The two most disconcerting of the messages draw a direct parallel to the quarter million he spent on jewelry this week. We've all heard stories of depraved souls buried in material wealth, who in the process of building their posh collections, forget to check for their pulse. 

Sadly, in an age of oversharing, distress signals like those on Pump's storyboard have become the new normal. The above roundup of posts compiled by Akademiks shows Pump insinuated talking about his death imminent in a nonchalance that is kind of unnerving. In the next slide, Pump writes, "feelin good rn idk if I wanna keep doing any of dis." Although there's little way to find out without trespassing, one can only hope that Lil Pump is finding the respite care he deserves at his lowest point.