Though the divisive rapper Lil Pump is far from a sympathetic figure in the rap game, he recently took to Instagram to voice some alarming thoughts. Amidst footage of his globetrotting endeavors, Pump snuck in a disturbing cry for help, which seemed to flirt with notions of suicidal thoughts. " I'm going thru sum shit I'm on probation I can't do shit I'm at the worst point of my life RN I don't wanna be here no more," he wrote, in a since deleted post. 

Sometimes, it's easy to forget that Pump is only seventeen, at the height of his fame and popularity. Despite his abrasive exterior, it stands to reason that the whirlwind nature of his lifestyle can take a taxing toll, especially if he's truly the drug addict he professes to be. Sadly, he continues to peddle an image of unbridled hedonism, most recently embodied by an utterly ridiculous video for "Drug Addict," featuring Charlie Sheen. Yet perhaps, behind it all, lies a young man simply wishing for a moment of peace.

Hopefully Pump can chase the dark thoughts from his mind and find a way to right the ship once again.