The status quo has been restored: Lil Pump's lean once again costs more than your rent. Yesterday, Pump took to Instagram to bless his fans with an actual positive announcement. In short, he claimed to have kicked the cup, citing it as a primary reason behind his weight loss. The news left some wondering if Pump was in the process of a reawakening, in which his "Drug Addict" behavior takes a backseat in favor of a renewed batch of interests. Sadly, it would appear that Pump's lean-free lifestyle was fleeting, as a recent IG post indicates that he's back on the sauce.

Now, one does not need to be a "Crush" aficionado to notice the suspiciously-colored liquid sitting on Pump's desk. In truth, the telltale purple stuff has been a part of Pump's image and lifestyle since he first slid onto the scene with "Gucci Gang." Perhaps the benefit of the doubt should be doled; could he actually be sipping a diluted variant of "Grape Soda?" Perhaps, though Pump has always lived on the edge, and it looks like he'll be continuing to do so. We can only hope that his health holds up, as it would be a shame to see another young rapper succumb to addiction. Someone get this man a copy of KOD.