Lil Pump was on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 radio program the moment his new "Racks on Racks" video went to press. As we reported, the video employs a Mad Max dystopian to post-millennial perfection - even Zane Lowe seemed to be in agreement. After previewing the song, and talking down to Pump's level of "everyday" pragmatism, Zane quizzed his guest on the particulars of his long-anticipated Harverd Dropout tape.

And though Pump kept a poker face, for the most part, he did reveal one big name contributor to the project, a surprising one at that. "You want a name?” Lil Pump asked. "Lady Gaga. I got Lady Gaga on the album, what’s up? It’s going down!" But when it comes to Lil Pump high propensity for trollery, believe at your own peril. For all we know, his assertion of Lady Gaga could be a giant Red Herring leading to much of the same. But I for one, see the plausibility of Lil Pump and Lady Gaga converging at the intersection of both their careers.

Once Harverd Dropout is released, Lil Pump has every intention of fulfilling his touring obligations, which include a performance at Coachella with Big Guwop and Spacepurpp under the group alias of "Gucci Gang." If you'll recall, the Coachella festival had the media mass rolling on the floor at the suggestion of a "Gucci Gang." Turns out they weren't lollygagging after all.