Lil Pump might have originally thought that his Trump endorsement could signal a career resurgence but, from the looks of things, he's only losing fans.

The Florida native has seen his career lose relevance in recent years. He hasn't managed to score a hit in a minute and, with his recent Trump endorsement, he's lost the support of hundreds of thousands of prospective fans.

This week, Pump spoke at a Trump rally, where he was introduced as "Lil Pimp" and, ever since, his Instagram followers have been on a steep downslide.

As DJ Akademiks pointed out today, he was sitting strongly at 17.3 million followers before he started repping "Trump 202020". This morning, he clocked in at 17.1 million followers. Now, he's lost another hundred thousand, losing traction of his base at 17 million.

If this trend continues, we could see his numbers decrease even further in the next few days.

People definitely have not been fond of Lil Pump since his endorsement. Considering the fact that he was already losing traction prior to that, this isn't doing much to help him.

JEFF KOWALSKY/AFP via Getty Images

Do you think that Lil Pump can ever make another hit?

We'll keep you posted with election results. As of now, Biden is still in the lead but things are at a standstill.