A night out golfing with friends almost turned into a huge loss for rapper Lil Pump after he seemed to have misplaced a pretty expensive piece of jewelry. On Friday evening, the rapper and his friends went out to Top Golf in Miami for some fun, but Lil Pump noticed that when he swung his club, his $100,000 ring we flying off. 

The rapper called on the Top Golf staff to help survey the grounds to recover his ring, and there's a video that shows Lil Pump with an employee. "I'm at Top Golf right now. I hit the ball so hard my ring flew off and landed over here," he said. The venue's Twitter account posted about the incident by writing, "Whether you’re @lilpump or just a lil frustrated you lost something in the outfield, we’ll assist you in getting it back. Please just ask us first, we'll be happy to assist."

Lil Pump replied in gratitude, "Thank you for helping me find my 100 thousand dollar ring." He also posted a clip of himself taking a swing at a golf ball but instead hitting the wall behind him. After being teased relentlessly, the rapper snapped back, "Everybody coming and saying I don't know how to hit a golf ball, y'all f**king stupid, b***h, because I do know how to hit a golf ball. You f**king idiot."