Signing one of the richest recording contracts in History does have its advantages. It allows you to purchase loyalty you would otherwise have to win over for years upon years. As reported by TMZ, Lil Pump visited Avianne & Co jewelers Wednesday night in New York City, with the sole intent of blessing up his entire team "Buss Down" watches, and that's exactly what he did.

Lil Pump advises the TMZ field reporter that he should make his first time piece a Patek, the Swiss brand known for its remarkable craftsmanship. The reporter then challenged Lil Pump to offer a time piece of his own, if he could properly estimate the total value of the jewelry he was wearing on the day. The reporter guessed 875k, possibly as a form flattery, with Pump admitted the jewelry only added up to rough estimate of 500k. Let's not pretend we could make up the difference in our own time. Pump proclaimed no limits to what he spends at the jeweler's: "We buy whatever we want because we rich forever hoe."

"After signing a reported $8 million dollar deal, Pump has restricted his use of single dollar bills to when he goes to the Strip Club. If his spending seems at all wasteful, that's because it is, make no mistake about it. That's not to say he doesn't an accountant keeping track of his habits. Having friends as managers has the effect of invoking peace of mind within the camp, but sometimes errors of judgement occur when individuals are thrust into roles well beyond their expertise.