Lil Pump is the co-owner of one of the most popular songs in the country right now as "I Love It" is still performing well on the charts. However, he's been plagued by legal difficulties for the last few months, spending some time in prison before making his cosplay return as a Fiji water bottle on Saturday Night Live. Since coming back to the spotlight, Pump has been making a few more questionable decisions to add to a long list of reasons why his naysayers dislike him. For starters, he dumped a stack of money into his sink and urinated on it. He also asserted on Twitter that he's a flat-earther. Needless to say, Pump gets a lot of flack and he's facing a lot of scrutiny, which may be getting to his head. The 18-year-old posted today about his depression and anxiety, poking fun at himself and his suicidal thoughts.

Obviously, suicide is not something to be joked about. It's incredibly serious and if Pump is having suicidal thoughts, we seriously hope he's seeking help. In the post, he made a meme of himself with his mouth wide open in anticipation to receive three things: "Anxiety & depression, drug abuse, and thoughts of suicide." His fans have swarmed into the comment section, wishing him well and offering an ear if ever he needs to vent. As a young up-and-comer in a tough industry, Pump is around a lot of negativity, which can certainly affect your mindset. 

Hopefully, Pump is doing alright. See the post we're referencing below.