Lil Pump's at the height of his career, but unfortunately, his legal troubles have become a setback in his career. The rapper previously announced that he was heading back to jail after a probation violation in Los Angeles. Pump had to cancel a whole tour due to the legal situation which will reportedly cost him nearly $1M in revenue. Despite this, the rapper still has a few more performances before he's sent to jail.

Breakaway Festival has confirmed that Lil Pump will be performing at their Charlotte and Nashville festival despite the tour cancellation. The rapper will be performing in Nashville on October 5th and Charlotte on October 13th.

"In light of the recent news of Lil Pump's tour cancellation, we want to assure our fans that per management and artist representatives, Lil Pump WILL be performing at both Breakaway Nashville on 10/5 and Breakaway Charlotte on 10/13." The festival wrote on their Facebook page. 

Additionally, Lil Pump is also set to perform at Mala Luna Festival in San Antonio, TX which takes place on October 27th & 28th.

Pump's sentencing hasn't been clear. In September, he revealed that he has to do a couple of months behind bars for violating his probation terms after his Miami arrest. Last week, Smokepurpp revealed that Pump "has to go back, but he will be out soon though."

It's unsure if he did any time behind bars in the past month, despite Purpp's statement. Pump surprised his fans this past weekend when he joined Kanye West on the SNL stage to perform their single, "I Love It."