Before all the face tats and dreads dyed various colours, Lil Pump was just Gazzy García, a young boy who had no idea what the future had in store for him. The Miami rapper reminded us that there once existed such a person when he posted a throwback photo of himself on Instagram on Tuesday. In the photo, baby Pump rocks a buzz cut, braces, a black tank top, and plaid Aeropostale board shorts as he flips the bird at the camera. The pre-fame Pump has yet to acquire any of his signature chains, and is noticeably tat-less, not only on his face but the rest of his body, as well. He appears to be sitting in some kind of health food store with a smoothie and snacks on hand.

Pump captioned the photo with a seemingly rhetorical question: "DID I HAVE THE BEST GLO UP?" The question definitely depends on your personal definition of "glo up," but if it means acquiring gaudy jewelry and spending copious amounts of money in one sitting, then consider the man glo'd. Pump has definitely accomplished a lot for his young age, and it's certainly shocking to see how much he's changed since he became famous. If you look closely, though, you can see a little sliver of present-day Pump in the naive little Pump's face.