Every once in a while, Lil Pump will come through with some genuine moments of positivity. It's not always easy to find them, given the fact that his entire image seems to revolve around hedonism and rebellion, but they pop up when you least expect it. Today, Lil Pump has decided to forsake going pee pee on his own money and offending Asian people in favor of an inspirational message: kick that damn cup. Of course, Pump is referring to his decision to quit sipping lean, which he attributes to his recent weight loss.

"Look how skinny I got," says a shirtless Pump, via his IG story. True, weight loss is indeed a benefit to quitting lean, among various others. In that sense, Pump is actually spreading a positive message to his followers, who likely took his "my lean cost more then your rent" as an invitation to take up the cup in the first place. We can only hope this lifestyle change is reflected in his lyricism, as Pump has been no stranger to rapping about drug abuse on a regular basis. 

Are we looking at a Pump evolved?