Lil Pump is showing love on this Valentines Day. The “I Love It” rapper decided to hit up Skid Row in Los Angeles on Wednesday and hand out some free pizza’s to the less fortunate.

Pump packed up his Rolls Royce trunk filled with Little Caesar’s pizza’s and drove down to Skid Row to pass them out to the homeless. Of course, everyone was very excited about the free food, and Pump himself felt good about his deed. “Feels good to give back Pizza party on skidrow,” he added. Its unclear how many pizza’s Pump actually bought, but it’s the thought that counts.

Earlier today, Lil Pump was in the headlines for saying he would boycott Gucci following their distasteful blackface ad, but would still perform his hit song “Gucci Gang.”

Check out clip of Pump passing out the free pizza’s (below). While you're at it, peep his new single "Racks On Racks" right here if you missed it.