XXXTENTACION was a polarizing figure in music during his time with us. Due to the accusations of domestic abuse, there were many people who completely dismissed him based on the allegations. There were many people who did mourn his death but there were also several others who showed no sign of remorse that a 20-year-old kid was shot and killed in broad daylight. Most recently, a few people took the disrespect to another level after they destoyed X's memorial. This left many people infuriated including Lil Pump.

Lil Pump completely went off today after he found out about the people who vandalized X's memorial. The rapper took to his Instagram story to share a message to the perpetrators and the bystanders who didn't stop it from happening.

"Whoever the fuck that pussy ass n*gga was that went to X's memorial and kicked all that shit, n*gga, you a fuckin' bitch, n*gga. Don't ever do that shit," he said before going in on the people that watched it happen. "And the fans around him watching that shit, y'all ass should've started swinging, n*gga. Fuck wrong with y'all?"

Pump continued his rant by warning the perpetrators that he's ready to deal with them himself.

"I want everybody to know, if you know that n*gga @ name, Instagram name, all that shit, send that shit to me," he said. "'Cause when I see your ass, I'm gonna slap the fuck out of you you fuckin' f***ot ass jit."

After X's death, Pump hit Instagram to pay his condolences to the deceased rapper.