Lil Pump has lost his spot in hip-hop relevance, holding onto his fame by a string in recent months. Following his clout-chasing endorsement of Donald Trump for President, the 20-year-old Florida rapper has been doing way too much on social media. Fans have continually called him out for his painted toenails, his disrespectful song lyrics about the late Juice WRLD, his insincere apology to Eminem after dissing him, and more.

Pump has a pretty uneven hate/love ratio among his base and considering his behavior on social media, it was only a matter of time before somebody tried something on him. It looks like that day arrived this weekend when the rapper shared that his car was seriously damaged after somebody smashed his windows. 

Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

"Somebody gone pay for this shit! I'ma bust your f*cking brain open," said Pump on Instagram Live, showing that the back window and side windows of his car were broken into. "Come back to this yard. I'm right here now! Come back, n***a. How f*cking dare you? You see this? Bet, that's how y'all wanna play? Let's get it, bet. N***a, I'm gonna be here for the next three-four days. Come back to my house so I can blow your f*cking head off. I'll be waiting right here with my baby," said Lil Pump in the video, showing off his gun.

After the video was reposted to Akademiks' feed, people started making jokes and theorizing that Pump did this to himself just to film the threatening video. Hopefully, the rapper has insurance...

Watch the video below.