No matter who you are, it's almost a guarantee that if you went to high school there was at least one teacher or faculty member that you just didn't get along with. That goes double if you're someone like Lil Pump, who started to gain traction as a rapper when he was only 16. It can't be easy for a teacher or principal to manage a student with that much clout.

Pump is no longer in high school, but it seems that he still has a score to settle, specifically with his old principal. In a video posted to Instagram, Pump defiantly says, "Fuck my old principal, you dumb ass bitch! Look at me now!"

Pump then proceeds to flex his lavish watch (buss down), and his diamond-covered necklace (half-a-mill on my neck), before finally finishing the video by drawing attention to his principal's financial situation (broke as shit), before ending with one last "fuck you."

It's unsure why Pump decided to call out his principal now, of all times, but it seems unlikely that he'll be invited back for his 10-year reunion at this rate. For the kids out there who might take inspiration from this video in order to cuss out their teachers and principals, be warned that you'd need an enormous amount of clout, and several diamond chains, in order to avoid detention, or even a possible suspension. Tread lightly.

You can watch Lil Pump flex his diamonds on his old principal in the Instagram post down below.