Lil Pump is making sure to stay true to his Gucci roots with his most recent purchase. It's no secret that Pump is a Gucci fanatic, considering his breakout hit was quite literally called "Gucci Gang" which also happens to be the name of his crew. However, the rapper recently proved his true loyalty to the designer brand by spending thousands of dollars on a limited edition Gucci bicycle. The crisp white bike is detailed with the brand's signature logo, and features affixed bags on each side of the seat. Pump showed off his new ride on his Instagram story, although he claimed that it cost "30 racks" rather than 25. 

According to Page SixPump copped his new wheels during a trip to TheArsenale in Miami, which caters to the "world's most sophisticated riders, collectors, and curators" by selling "luxury goods from high-end skateboards to airplanes." A source told the publication that Pump was planning on returning to the shop to make an even more extravagant purchase. “He was talking about coming back in to look at a $2.5 million submarine,” said the source. “He seemed part joking, part serious. He was saying he might have to go ‘underground’ for a bit.” Honestly, we wouldn't put it past Pump to pull that kind of stunt.