While Lil Pump has undoubtedly been at the peak of his career, he's also been dealing with a lot of legal issues. The rapper's dealt with several run-ins with the law, both domestically and internationally. It might be all fun and games for now, but unfortunately, his legal issues seem to be affecting his money. The rapper was forced to cancel an upcoming performance in Australia after his work visa was denied.

Lil Pump won't be performing at FOMO Festival in 2019. The festival organizers made the announcement earlier today in a statement. 

"Due to recent arrests and a failure to comply with Australian work visa application requirements, we regret to announce that Lil Pump is not able to perform at FOMO 2019," the statement reads.

Pump's been detained a few times since the beginning of the month. At the top of December, Pump was forced the cancel a show in Denmark after he was detained by Danish police for flipping off a cop while in a squad car on Instagram Live. The rapper was later released, but his legal troubles didn't end there. Most recently, the rapper found himself in some trouble in his hometown of Miami. The rapper was kicked off of a flight after baggage handlers caught a whiff of marijuana from his luggage. Thankfully, they didn't find any drugs in his luggage, but he did get arrested because he and his manager allegedly became disorderly in their argument with TSA.