There has been a lot of talk about LeBron James and his courtside behaviour at his son's basketball games. For so long in his career, James has been subject to a media circus and now that he's playing in Los Angeles, the attention has simply amplified. With the number of people who want to see the Lakers franchise fail, there's an equal portion of folks hoping for LeBron James to flub up somewhere. When his son made an impressive play on the court, Bron got seriously hyped and ended up losing his shoe on the court. The video is pretty hilarious and it shows a father who's just having a good time, showing his son that he supports him. He's been getting tons of flack for it though and thankfully, people have started to come to his defense. Lil Pump was outside in Beverly Hills last night when the TMZ paparazzi caught up to him, asking him for his thoughts on the biggest NBA storylines and he did not disappoint.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

When it comes to LeBron's celebrations, Pump thinks that the man should just be left alone because, after all, he's the best basketball player on the planet. He yelled: "LeBron can do whatever the fuck he wants because he is Lebron James, bitch!" Later on, the photographer asked if he thinks Carmelo Anthony should be given another chance to return as a starter next season, to which he agreed that Melo is another one of the greats and should still be playing.

In true Pump fashion, the Florida-based rapper took the opportunity to show off a new Louis Vuitton purse that he copped for himself, flexing his wealth and handing out hundred-dollar bills to passersby.