Lil Pump has never been known for his subtlety, and that extends to his jewelry. The South Florida rapper has debuted a new chain that matches his loud personality -- a flashy diamond piece modeled after his own face.

In his original caption, Pump suggested that the jewelry was worth $360,000, though he has since removed the figure. The piece was designed by Icebox Jewelry, who shared some more detailed photos of the design on Instagram as well. In these pictures, you can clearly see the pink and yellow diamonds that recreate Pump's signature dreads.

The big purchase comes after Pump signed a lucrative deal with Warner Bros earlier this year. The rapper returned to the label after leaving in search of a better contract; being able to exit the original deal due to signing as a minor. Ultimately, Warner Bros. resigned Pump with a reported $8 million advance. On top of that, they will give Pump $9K, $12K, and $15K for his first three respective years, before continuing the $15K payout for the remaining four years of his 7-year contract. He will reportedly receive 14% of his royalties under the contract.

Pump is expected to drop his sophomore project Harvard Dropout later this year.