After a short hiatus from Instagram following his arrest for firing a gun inside of his home last week, Lil Pump has returned to the social media platform, showing off his ankle monitor and getting healthy. As we're used to, the "Gucci Gang" rapper rocked an all-Gucci ensemble down to the shoes while he ate from a fruit platter. Pump's prior IG post shows him grinning while carrying a massive plastic bag of weed, claiming that he put it all in one blunt. If we compare the two posts, Jetski is a lot tamer given his recent trouble with the law.

Pump pulled up his pant leg to flaunt his new accessory provided to him by the Sylmar Juvenile Detention Center: an ankle monitor to make sure he respects the terms of his house arrest. The rapper has become quite the figure, representing SoundCloud rappers to the best of his ability among his peers. "Gucci Gang" was among the top songs of last year and, whether you hate it or love it, respect needs to be given to the way Pump has controlled his destiny with the track.

For some reason, I don't think the fruit get-up will last a very long time. Pump will probably be back to flaunting his giant bags of weed in no time. Did you enjoy your week off of Lil Pump updating his Instagram page or did you miss hearing from him?