Lil Pump is an avid user of social media, often sharing his antics through video posts online. Yesterday, the rapper came onto Instagram to upload a message addressing a serious subject. One of his latest Instagram live videos shows him dishing out financial advice to his following.

The first part of Lil Pump's message deals with the concept of saving.

"So hey guys, I'm here to give y'all a message for the youth and everyone who look up to me and shit. When you get money, save your money and buy property. Do not go out and buy a bunch of bullshit and you still have no house."

Then, the scene shifts along with his demeanor in the second cut.

"I lied bitch. Go blow all your money and f*ck hella b*tches. SCAAAAAATT."

And scene. Pump's integration of acting skills into his usual troll-like comedy is reaching a new level. Now, one might wonder if the rapper took a cue from his interview with J. Cole. When the pair chopped it up, the subject of money management was mentioned when J. Cole urged the youngin' to keep an eye on his stacks and plan for the future. The influence the newcomer has over his fans was also called into question during their chat. Pumps response to both of these topics was lackluster as it was throughout that whole ordeal, but some parts of their conversation might have stuck with him. Time will tell.