A few months ago, people were joking about how Lil Pump had seemingly gained some weight. The rapper was never really overweight but in some photos, he looked to be getting a bit of a beer belly. He was probably just eating good. However, the jokes were flying around generously on his social media pages as people commented "Lil Plump" and other silly insults on his posts. Now, the "Butterfly Doors" artist is keen on getting the haters to stop -- or he's just egging them on -- by pointing out his weight loss in a new photo.

In some discreet single promotion, Jetski posed in front of a Lamborghini with the butterfly doors up, writing in the caption that he's slimmed down in recent weeks. "Lol now I’m skinny," wrote Pump. To be fair, he was only critiqued for a few weeks on his weight but things appear to have stuck around to the point where the artist feels a need to address the jokes. 

Pump was expected to release his Harverd Dropout tape last year but it never came. It appears to have been pushed back to 2019 and with the rapper starting off the year with "Butterfly Doors," we may be in for more new music in the next few weeks.