Among the class of those who have taken the "Soundcloud Rap" label and transformed it into bonafide stardom, Lil Pump surely finds himself among those at the forefront, outlasting a handful of his peers. 

Now, the South Florida rapper has put a stamp on it, surpassing a billion views mark on his seminal "Gucci Gang" track on YouTube. Naturally, Pump took to social media to commemorate the moment, dropping off his share of boasts in the process.

"Gucci gang just hit 1 billion views this means so much to me," he wrote in a caption. "I dropped this song on SoundCloud 2 years ago & it changed my life. 

He couldn't end things without adding: "I Did more in 2 years then u did ur whole career...Love you."

Since its release, "Gucci Gang" has gone 5 times Platinum in the states, prominently peaking at No. 3 on the Billboard 100.

In November, Pump declared that he was looking to share such success and expand on the empire, putting out a call for new artists to sign and directing his followers to tag those worthy under his post. So far, he hasn't followed up on the directive, and only time will tell if the young rapper has any real plans of putting a few new artists under his wing.