It looks like Lil Pump is out here trickin’ hoes at his crib. Over the weekend, the “Gucci Gang” rapper took to his Instagram to brag about a story of kicking a prostitute out of his house and not paying for some top. He apparently knew about the charge ahead of time too, and still said okay, before tricking the girl to stepping outside for a blunt and leaving her there.

“This bitch last night right…so boom boom boom. We go up stairs, and all that and then the bitch try to charge me? So I said, ‘okay. For sure’,” Pump says in the clip. “I got some top, did my thang, boom boom. She like, ‘okay, so you goin’ pay me?’ I said ‘ hold on hold on, lets go downstairs real quick and smoke a blunt. We go downstairs, I look at her and say ‘bitch you is not getting paid from me at all!’ he said while laughing in the camera.

Continuing on, “Bitch you crazy as fuck. Bitch, you should be lucky to be in this house. Bitch, you in a $7 million dollar mansion. Fuck I look like payin’ hoe? You gon’ suck this dick for free in my crib,” Pump said. “Aint no prostitution in my crib. When y’all hoes come over here, y’all bitches be sucking dick for the free!” he ended it with.

Check out the rather insensitive rant (below) and sound off in the comments.