This elephant embodies all of us following Lil Pump's endorsement of President Donald Trump.

After his appearance at Trump's campaign rally, where he was introduced as "Little Pimp", the Florida-based rapper took a trip to Doc Antle's zoo to play with some exotic animals. One of the stars of Tiger King, Doc runs the Myrtle Beach Safari, where Pump traveled to with some friends.

A new exclusive video shared by TMZ shows a portion of his stay at the zoo, including his interaction with an elephant who seriously wanted to hurt the "Gucci Gang" rapper.

As Don Antle coached Lil Pump on how to get up on the elephant's trunk, the artist stayed there for a few seconds before the gigantic animal decided that he didn't want any part in Pump's shenanigans, shifting him to one side and nearly body-slamming him. Damn, betrayed by the Republican party's own symbol... That's harsh.

Pump was not hurt.

The 20-year-old rapper got in touch with Doc Antle through a mutual connection with Floyd Mayweather. He spent the afternoon hanging out with tigers, baby cubs, chimpanzees, and more. But his interaction with Bubbles the elephant was definitely the most note-worthy.

We reported yesterday that, ever since his endorsement of Donald Trump for re-election, Lil Pump has been losing a tremendous amount of social media followers, dropping from 17.3 million to 17 million.