The music industry of 2018 is fascinated with generating a high quantity output from artists, sometimes sacrificing quality. This strategy has been seen via the length of some albums, likely attempting to bring in a large amount of streaming numbers. A similar trend is the emergence of shorter songs that span around 2 minutes, becoming a perfect fit for listeners with shorter attention spans. Lil Pump has fit into the latter category, creating brief tracks that tease fans into wanting more. 

Pump's debut studio effort clocked in at just over 36 minutes long through 15 songs, with the average joint lasting around 2 minutes and 5 seconds. The rapper has taken to his Instagram story to confirm that his next mixtape, Harvard Dropout is finished and may be released imminently. After teasing its arrival last month, this news hints at an inevitable drop in the near future. With the long-awaited "Eskeetit" arriving in just 3 days on April 8, audiences will be granted a short taste of what is to appear on the tape. Possibly answering questions about song length, style, and evolution of the young Florida rapper, "Eskeetit" will be the starting point for many to determine Pump's future outside of the viral "Gucci Gang."

Pump seems confident that his upcoming project will impress his fans, enthusiastically deeming it "crazy" after dropping the news. With the mixtape now complete, let us know your predictions. How many tracks will appear on the tape and who do you think will be given guest spots?