It's been weeks since his fans have waited for the arrival of his next single and it has finally received an official release date. Lil Pump has teased "Eskeetit" since February, sharing previews and hinting at an imminent video release. Fans of the Florida rapper will not need to wait much longer as Pump has finally confirmed a release date for the music video. "I will be dropping the "Eskeetit" video April 8," announced Lil Pump on his Instagram story before shouting his favorite ad-lib. 

The video was previewed yesterday with the rapper mirroring his signature "Gucci Gang" flow over a booming beat. From the sounds of it, this could be Pump's next smash hit as the similarities to his previous success are noteworthy. While Jetski's announcement is brief, it is sure to turn some heads as usual as the rapper fervently picks his nose before making the statement. While his hygiene choices are questionable, the announcement is sure to be thrilling for many of the young rapper's following who have patiently waited for anything new from Pump.

Reception for Lil Pump's rise to fame has been mixed with some, like Funk Flex, questioning his abilities and others accepting him as one of the leaders of the new school. The Floridian will need to continue to impress his fans to prove any sort of longevity as his sound may be considered as "trendy." Keep an eye out for the upcoming music video.