Lil Pump and Smokepurpp have officially started a record label. It's not clear what prompted the decision, but the wheels are already in motion. "Gucci Gang: The Label" is now upon us, and Purpp took a moment to tease some of their upcoming business moves. 

"It's me and Pump, and I just sign whoever I want," says Purpp, when asked about his new endeavor. "The first person to sign to Gucci Gang was Richy Samo. He's from Florida, and he's fire. There's a few people I'm looking at, I don't want to say any names, cause I don't want anybody else to go looking." 

While we wish the young rappers well in their pursuits, one has to wonder what working under the joint leadership of Smokepurpp and Lil Pump would be like. It seems like any semblance of organization might be a tall order, though I suppose a learning curve must be expected. In any case, Smokepurpp and Pump's "Gucci Gang: The Label" will likely play a pivotal role in earning them a slice of the oft-coveted "longevity." Would you sign with the pair of young rappers?