Migos and Lil Pump are undoubtedly two of the most popular musical acts among hip-hop's top tier. With "Gucci Gang" and "Bad and Boujee" becoming two of the hottest tracks of the last two years for Lil Pump and Migos respectively, both are high up on the popularity scale. With a young following, Lil Pump has taken the world by storm, becoming synonymous with the success of "SoundCloud rappers." Quavo's proficiency in making pop hits through his features and Offset and Takeoff's brilliance as part of the trio have built an impressive pedestal for the group. Pump recognized them as leaders in the game, along with himself, declaring that they collectively run the culture on his Instagram story.

Foreseeing peoples' reactions to his bold claims, Pump followed up the video by saying, "If you feel some type of way [about that,] suck my d-ck." The Migos would likely agree, naming their last two albums Culture and Culture II. Pump recently announced that he has a new deal on the way in his return from a social media hiatus. Pump's music is parallel to a sound that has been emulated by many, standing at the forefront of the newer generation of rappers.

There's no question that Pump and Migos are influential in the game right now. However, do you agree with Lil Pump's claims that he and Migos run the culture? Sound off in the comments.