Lil Pump and Charlie Sheen finally give us a sample of what they've been working on over the summer. Earlier this month, the pair shared a glimpse of their looks on set of the "Drug Addict" music video. Today, the "Gucci Gang" rapper posts a clip on Instagram that offers fans a short preview of the new visuals that feature the actor. Part of the music video is filmed as it is projected onto a screen. Then, the camera pans on Charlie Sheen who sums up the situation, after having viewed the clip for himself. While sitting, cross-legged in a home theater seat, the actor states the elevator pitch: "Dr. Pump and Dr. Sheen are in an insane asylum with a host of seniors and various lunatics, handing out every illicit drug known to man." The video ends with Charlie Sheen on a sly tip, saying, "I don't know about you, but I'm tuning in." Then, he puts stunna shades on as if he were in a "thug life meme."

The actor's history of drug addiction makes him perfect for this role. We can assume the two have a lot in common and their hanging out might have been born out of genuine kinship.