On November 16th, 2017, the hip-hop world lost an interesting and divisive up-and-comer. Lil Peep was twenty-one years old when he passed away from overdose related complications, leaving behind a legion of dedicated fans and an unfinished Come Over When You're Sober series. And while some weren't keen on his blend of emo and hip-hop, others appreciated the way he handled both genres with respect. There's no doubt that many didn't realize what they were missing till he was gone, and now, his memory has been kept alive through the fans, his family, and his team. And while the latter two have been vocal in the wake of his death, his team had yet to issue a statement. 

That changed today, when Peep's camp took to Instagram to release a lengthy write-up on Peep's official page. The message addresses all Lil Peep fans, and begins by explaining the shortage of merchandise. "Merchandise was not something we were ready to release so soon because we were focused on grieving and organizing a celebration of Gus' life," it says. "However, we have been overwhelmed with requests from loving fans hoping to support Gus and his family by purchasing legitimate Peep merchandise."

The statement continues, explaining that all official announcements on merchandise will take place exclusively on Peep's verified accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They also express that all of Peep's socials will remain in tact, before ending on a bittersweet note: "Peep loved designing and selling his merch and always wanted to help out his fans when they asked for reprints. We will continue to honor Peep's memory by carrying on as we believe he would have wanted." 

You can check out the message in full, and if you're one of those fans who ordered some Peep merchandise, don't worry. His team fully intends on coming through and honoring any and all purchases.